“TelliBox – Intelligent MegaSwapBoxes for Advanced Intermodal Freight


“TelliBox – Intelligent MegaSwapBoxes for Advanced Intermodal Freight Transport”

is an EU funded project within the Seventh Framework Programme. It is about the development of an all-purpose loading unit, the MegaSwapBox, which is applicable for intermodal transport of road, rail, inland- and short sea shipping. The MegaSwapBox will combine both the advantages of containers and semitrailers via a technical and efficiency feasibility analysis, to be finalised in concrete demonstrators.

The overall aim is to counteract the trend towards increasing freight transport by making better use of the different modes on their own and in combination with each other (‘Co-modality’), offered in an integrated, safer, greener, smarter and competitive product.



The main distinctive characteristics of the MegaSwapBox are:

 • Stackability
 • Inside height of 3 metres
 • Length of 45'
 • Loading capacity of 100³
 • Openable on 3 sites
 • Top-handable
 • Pilfer and theft-proof


Research, innovation and the creation of a seamless oriented transport concept are crucial for the further development of intermodal transport systems. Modal shift and intermodal transport are encouraged, within the actual Framework Programme of the European Commission, through: 

 • the improvement of the efficiency of interfaces between modes,
 • the maximisation of cargo capacity
 • the optimisation of logistics services, transportation flows, terminal and
    infrastructure capacity within European and global supply chains


TelliBox is going to give a concrete answer to all those issues through a custom-oriented intermodal transport approach and by encouraging dialogue between industrial and scientific partners, gathered on a neutral European intermodal platform.



Project coordination

RWTH-Aachen University,

Dennewartstrae 27
D-52068 Aachen
Dipl.-Ing. Max Klingender
Tel: +49 241 80 911 49

Dissemination / media Contact

European Intermodal Association

Rue d'Arenberg 44
B-1000 Brussels
Peter Wolters
Tel: + 32 2 514 56 54

Rechtlicher Hinweis

e-mail: info@tellibox.eu